Become a Mentor

In 2010, 12 students at Roosevelt Middle School enrolled in a new program offered by Leaders Believers Achievers Foundation (LBA). Since then, the number of teens served each year through LBA programs has grown exponentially – thanks to people like you.

LBA is driven to assist students with identifying their purpose in life and guiding them to access the necessary tools for achieving success. Upon joining the program, each student creates a Statement of Purpose; this document serves as an active road map and reminder for students of their own stated successes, skills, goals and dreams. That’s where you come in. To help each teen we serve find his or her purpose we need mentors. People willing to share their time and talent to help our students find theirs.

Tours and guest speakers are sought as part of the experience we are trying to provide. We all come from different backgrounds and often the door just hasn’t been opened to the things we’re passionate about. When it comes to group initiatives and building workshops, we want to magnify the interests of students to create more learning opportunities. Specialized knowledge in areas such as robotics or coding may greatly spark a passion for one student, writing may inspire another. Others may love learning the intricacies of the banking world. The possibilities are endless. Our doors are always open to volunteers and anyone who would like to assist with our mission of assisting teens in our community to become tomorrow’s LEADERS, BELIEVERS and ACHIEVERS.

Each day, students are learning more about what it takes to become better leaders and our partners make this possible. If you would like to learn more, drop us a line and a member of our team will connect with you.