CR Dreams

With CRDreams all dreams are possible. Whether you come from poverty or your parent is a CEO of a major company, we believe each member of our community can reach their goals. We want teens to believe in themselves and their ability to contribute to society. We’ve heard many say that we need to develop hope in our students – so that they know dreaming is possible – this is why we created CRDreams.

CRDreams begins in the classrooms of the Cedar Rapids Community School District. We also meet participants through other like-minded organizations in our community. The program, individualized for each participant, allows people of any age to learn leadership skills. We also help participants find inspiration in their interests and passions to form their dreams for future careers. As with all our programs at LBA Foundation, each participant begins by developing their Statement of Purpose. Next, we combine our program of developing leadership skills and education with experiences designed to grow each participant’s belief in themselves.

Whether it’s interviewing for an internship, job or college; creating a new business; organizing and leading a community-based project, or advocating change to public policy, CRDreams embraces an entrepreneurial, global and innovative – YOU CAN DO IT—approach towards crafting a future of life-long learning, achievement and positive social engagement. CRDreams melds the best of the educational environment with the entrepreneurial spirit and a development of a global mindset with local roots.

Throughout the program, participants will engage in instruction and activities that develop leadership attitudes, skills and knowledge in the context of their community, as they:

  • Visit local companies throughout Cedar Rapids and neighboring communities;
  • Engage with executives from a range of fields, including business, education, healthcare and nonprofit industries;
  • Learn about marketing, branding, finance, product development and the importance of storytelling and public speaking skills;
  • Draw heavily from theater arts using improvisation to foster confidence, motivation, and collaboration; and
  • Work with a mentor from the community to develop new and exciting ideas.

CRDreams helps our neighbors and students caught in the margins of our society to find their dreams. We see too many in our community become complacent or comfortable, staying in the shadows, rather than working to reach their full potential as contributors to the community. We help people find their purpose.